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I have suffered with headaches and back pain for most of my life.  After a few weeks of chiropractic care with Dr. Berg, I am beginning to enjoy life--without headaches, without back pain.
Kelsey S.


I have suffered with the pain of Fibromyalgia for several years.  Sometimes my back was too tender to touch.  Dr Berg uses several gentle techniques and I love the way he makes me feel!  I now have my life back and I enjoy a better quality of life.
Helen J.


I had been skeptical about chiropractic care for children.  My 11/2 year old had been suffereing with chronic ear infections.  We tried antibiotics, Motrin, Tylenol and were considering ear-tube surgery.  Since beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Berg, we have gone 1 year without ear infections, fluid has drained from the ear,  no surgery was performed and no drugs are takennow.  I now have a healthy child!  What a belssing Dr. Berg and his office have been to our family!
Zendi R.


For 12 years I had low back pain that was so bad it kept me from enjoying time with my family.  Since begining care with Dr. Berg, I have regained my strength and mobility.  I feel 100% better!  The care I have received with Dr. Berg is the best of the best!  Dr. Berg  makes each and every person that comes through his door feel like family.
Frank C.


Under  weekly chiropractic care, my sinus infections have gone from one every 6-8 weeks down to one or two a year!       My chronic back pain is gone and my mobility is greatly improved!      Karl G.


I feel instantly better when I walk out the door after an adjustment!  There is an overall feeling of relaxation, a positive flow that I truly feel for days. 
Suzanne M.


My health has improved 100% since I've been under Dr. Berg's care, I eat and sleep better.  I feel that I have my life back to normal mentally, physically and spiritually.
Ken L.

I had never been to a chiropractor before, and I was very apprehensive about someone pushing on my back and neck.              Dr. Berg is very gentle and talked me through the entire  process.    I now love my weekly adjustments!
Marie B.


Dr. Berg provided me with his HOME phone number for the weekend  and told me "If you need me, call."  Later that day he called me to see how I was doing.!  I have never had any medical professional take the time and provide support  such as this.
Sarah T.




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